Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Safe here!


Up way too early. To airport, breakfast, on plane. Not stopped by security. Drat my body. Very whiny lady. Guy sitting next to me offered to the flight attendant to buy her a drink just to shut her up. Nice turbulence. Pretty Steph in airport waiting. Ugly-ass purple suitcase. AIIIGH! ASH FALLING FROM SKY! Cab dispatcher guy vs. the Red Book. Cab ride with psychotic train signals.

Broken DSL modem. Dammit. Nap. SNAKIES! Unpacking. Cheese sandwich.

Goddamn ash. Saw ywalme in passing in group of people by East. Did not get indicated as to which one was her.

Computer lab, logged in as sithjawa. Bad Steph. Bad Loony. Good 'net access.

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