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Trip Report, full (Friday)

I left Phoenix for California on the 24th; I got up at the ass-crack of dawn with votania, and she drove me to the airport.

I had a minor unhappiness with the electronic check-in kiosk, when it did not have any information pertaining to me. votania was nervous, but I decided that it was just one of the things that was going to happen, and went up to the desk. I presented name and ID, and got confirmation that yes, I was going places, and here is the baggage tag on your (ugly-ass purple) suitcase, and just take that over there to the screeners, and have a nice day!

So I trekked over to the screeners and handed over votania's ugly-ass old purple suitcase. (It's not a bad suitcase, but it does deserve at least a small amount of mocking, because it is not particularly in good repair or attractive, in addition to being very not-sturdy.)

We went upstairs to the level with all the gates. votania went to the Starbucks in her zone to get us breakfast; I requested coffee inna jar, and a cheese Danish. I departed to get through security. Happily, it was a short line, and I wandered off to find my gate. votania caught up with me, and we BSed until she decided it was time to leave for home. (She can do that because she works there.) Security did not comment on the contents of my backpack to me. I was preemtively amused, because votania assured me that the contents of my backpack, particularly my little bag of toys (containing Mr. Wiggles, the Clue Stick, and the two new toys), would be the gossip of the airport for some days to come. (I have yet to find if that was in fact the case.)

I got on the plane to find that I was seated in the aisle seat, with no one between me and the guy at the window seat. This was happiness.

There was a lady at the back of the plane talking to a flight attendant. The lady was the sort of older middle-aged referred to as "well-preserved", much as a mummy is well-preserved: far too blonde, with far too much jewelry, and far too much whine. No one had evidently shared with her the basics of travel in the US: two or fewer suitcases, and two or fewer carry-on items. She was peevish about this, at great volume, at great length, in the manner of someone complaining about the world to an old and trusted friend. Evidently she'd either had to pay an extra hundred dollars to ship her third suitcase, or throw it out. She'd thrown it out. She'd also had to throw out her makeup kit. This was evidently the end of the world.

The guy next to me offered, in an undertone, to the flight attendant so beset, that he would be happy to spring for a drink for her if only to shut her up. The flight attendant returned that she thought that they could get her a complimentary bit of booze.

Other than that, the flight proceeded without incident. I wrote in my paper journal. I oriented myself with the sun, and found myself not motion sick at all.

sithjawa was waiting for me upon landing, by the escalator down. Ontario is a small airport. I picked up the dreadful suitcase and we went outside for a taxi.

The taxi dispatcher made conversation. He asked if I was in town to see a boyfriend. I glanced at sithjawa and said, "Kind of." There was discussion, in which I refused to share the identity of the Red Book. There was also nasty ash falling from the sky.

We eventually got back to her apartment, after stopping for quite some time at a train crossing that was dinging merrily with no train in sight. We were both tired and fell over, and then she made lunch and I met Meridian and we walked to Mudd. I hung out in the hybrid lab, and met ywalme.

After going back to the apartment to get the ticket for the concert, I hung out in the quad at eastdorm. I found myself utterly at home. These people were my kind of people -- people playing Go, people with duct tape swords, bizarre injokes, whiteboards on doors with even more bizarre injokes -- even those who might have been obnoxious fundies in other places had a sense of humor about it there -- I cracked up laughing at the sight of the sign saying "Suite Jesus".

Then there was supper in ... Grove House? ... with people. There was much with the CS injoking. Being geek myself, I contributed some.

Then there was the concert. Yay, the concert! It was long. I have missed hearing a full orchestra live so very much. The things we take for granted... I did nod off during the long part, though.

After the concert, people gathered together. My brain had just been blown from MUSIC! and PEOPLE! and EMOTION! and I was not up to crowd.

We went back to the apartment and crashed.

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