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Trip Report, full (Saturday)


I woke up and read Kushiel's Chosen before sithjawa came to. We had brunch at Platt. I called and checked in with people, and Dawn and I agreed meet up on Sunday.

sithjawa went back to her apartment for some much-needed R&R. It was good. Sacrificed a Kleenex to Eris, for lack of anything more convenient. We established that the filmy scarves I had brought for tying things up with were called "goddamn veils" at somewhat after this point.

Saturday is barbecue day at Mudd. We went back for supper, and I curled up on a couch with Steph's laptop and played with LJ. I met people and had fun. "No two people are not on fire" is evidently a common phrase. (sithjawa has a cunning plan for a Halloween costume.)

The concert let out. There was red in the sky. We ran about trying to figure out what was up. It was fire. People were nervous.

I learned that there was, in fact, a bathroom at eastdorm: it was behind the door with "OFFICE" on it in a very official-looking label.

sithjawa and other people and I wound up going to find some late supper at a nice Thai place. I had the pad Thai. It was good. I tried the soup that was heavy on the ginger and cream and mushroom. I was not thrilled with it.

After that, we went on a booze supplying trip, as the people were planning for a royal booze-up, and supplies were low.

We had chocolate and Irish cream slushies in the lounge at eastdorm while watching Noir. sithjawa went to retrieve the Irish cream for the booze-up. People got very rightfully upset about the fire. I learned that a hardware supply store had been going under, and eastdorm got a lot of door signage and stuck things on things. Bathroom is office, laundry room is private, push side of door is pull, and pull side of door is push. I'm also suspecting the "Warning: This area is monitored by remote cameras" signs as well.

sithjawa and I did wind up spending the night back at her apartment rather than in eastdorm's lounge.

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