Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Trip Report, full (Sunday)


I woke up around tennish and read more. Due to the fires, I decided that I did not want to be caught without my necessary gear. I piled much necessary gear into my backpack, and sithjawa grabbed her own emergency kit.

sithjawa grabbed "goddamn veils" and made our way towards Platt. It turned out that the student center place was giving out particulate masks; we stopped in and grabbed a pair, then had breakfast.

Dawn apologized profusely, but could not make it out through the fire detours to pick me up to spend time together. As the fire had come within four miles of us, I was very much not surprised, and spent a comfortable several hours with the laptop in the lounge, looking nervously at maps of the fire, wondering if we'd have to grab everything and go. sithjawa was at her concert.

After she returned from the concert, she went and packed up the snakes and put them in Melissa's room, and also got the rest of my stuff.

Steve (unknown LJ name) and his girlfriend (unknown LJ name) and origamist (I think) and sithjawa and I had the regularly-scheduled Sunday-evening supper thing at an Indian resturant. Good food, delightful company.

There was debate as to whether the airport was closed or not. A red dot on the map was not reassuring; it was eventually figured out to mean "Big evil delays"; blue dot meant closed.

There was a "study break" event. I went. There was cheese. Evidently cheese is this weird Mudd fixation. Or at least an eastdorm fixation. There were people. I finished off Kushiel's Chosen, and chatted with people. sithjawa worked on essays.

Most of the rest of the evening was passed in the lounge. Someone had on some Rammstein when I got in, and I grabbed a duct tape sword and worked out with it. I kicked sithjawa's ass with the swords, as I have more practice than she does.

I got to snuggle with sithjawa. It is very fun to pet her. We spent the night in the lounge; I eventually had to leave off the snuggling and find a nice empty chair. It was difficult for me to get to sleep.

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