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Trip Report, full (Monday)


Monday was not a good morning for sleep either. I slept raggedly, or I would have were I not so exhausted. I was in my clothes. I'd washed my feet off in the sink in the "office" late sometime in the night.

sithjawa came back from the student center place to drag me to breakfast. I poked on the computer some more.

When we got to Platt, it was about 15 minutes shy of 11, which was when lunch started. We waited in the Green Room, listening to a person play the piano. I petted sithjawa. Yay for pettable Stephs.

Lunch was entertaining. The Cheat was discussed, and various geekage. sithjawa got to wear some ice.

Collected ride to airport. Melissa had thought that the airport was closed. I'm glad we told her otherwise... Forgot jacket. Waited in airport. Got shirt for Little Fayoumis, and magnets for votania and marxdarx. After some debate, got candy and a bracelet for myself.

Waited at airport at gate, and wound up talking to a delicate old lady with rather too much red in the hair and plucked in the eyebrows. We were both heading to Phoenix. There was a mother with two kids across from us. The kids were mostly well-behaved.

On the plane, it wound up that the mom and two kids had been ticketed to sit in 26A, 26B, and 25A. I was assigned 26C. This was not optimal; I wound up in 25A (window! Woohoo!) and the girl wound up in my seat.

I was sitting and relaxing on the plane and thinking about the unanticipated things that have happened on this trip, and getting ready to land. I identified our position by the buildings (the first time I've been able to do so) and ... then we went around in circles.

Turned out that there had been helicopters over the Sun Devils stadium where they should not have been, and we had to swerve to avoid colliding. Wooops. We circled and finally did land.

The kids behind me were tired, and the one little one a little smaller than Little Fayoumis started to cry. I decided that the mom probably needed a little extra help, so after I got off the plane, I dug out the bag of treats I'd gotten, removed my gifts for LF, Marx, and Votania from it, and then handed the bag to the lady when she came out.

I walked all over Terminal 4 and finally found votania, who gave me tight hugs. Realized that I'd left the bracelet in the bag. Laughed. What else, really, could I do?

Wandered all over the airport. Hit Level 1 to get the suitcase. Hit Level 9 to drop it off in the car. Level 3, for information on where to catch the bus. Level 1, in search of bus. Level 2, where the bus actually was.

Caught the same bus as marxdarx. We happily chatted all the way home.


Glad to be home.

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