Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Posting Frenzy

It's come sort of to my attention that by the calendar, it looks like I post a lot more than, really, I actually do.

I have two things going here.

First, I'm a compulsive writer and reader. If I'm not writing in a journal, I'm writing a novel, a poem, a letter, or (rarely) finding some form of non-written outlet for my excess energy. On the vast scale of things, I'm not devoting any more time to reading and writing with LJ than I would be to other forms of reading and writing did LJ not exist. Even with all those forms of reading and writing, I have historically spent a lot of time on my journal. I'm the one you'd always see with some kind of notebook. Call it an obsession, call it a paranoia: I've always been afraid of losing my mind, and saving it to paper regularly has been the one thing that keeps me sure that if I lose myself, I'll be able to restore.

Second, I'm a pack rat, a scrapbooker. I glued my ticket stubs from this recent California visit (10/24 - 10/27) into my paper journal. I save the notes my friends and I pass back and forth. I may well have the ticket stubs from every single movie I've seen in a theatre. With the participants noted on the back. So it should come as no surprise that I save chat logs. And where do I save them? That's right, LJ. Because there are things that I say in chat that are more indicative of my mental state than my actual journal entries are, and I want to be able to save that (see: paranoia indicated above). So I put those in.

2003/11/03 has 12 entries listed, on year view. Only five are public. The rest are private: chats/messages from seven distinct friends. Of the five public entries, one is a grammar peeve/quiz, and one is an LJ PSA, which I count as "not real content". So, that's three real posts from me today.

Three posts, for me, is low-volume. Keep in mind, though, that my calendar posts are artificially inflated by my habit of using LJ as a tool to keep track of when I had that conversation about the thing that was so very entertaining.

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