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Fwd: Randomizing the Deck

From on the lmbujold List:

And I know a great story about someone randomizing a keypunch deck on purpose. Upper level CS class at Michigan Tech University - they were assigned 'write a program to deal, print, and evaluate bridge hands'. They had to hand in three different runs of the program. Randomization of the desk was left up to the programmer. Most of them wrote a randomization routine to do it - one blonde female make up a deck of cards using the keypunch. This is due on the same Monday that a big Fortran 101 (i.e., the intro CS course that EVERYONE at MTU had to take) project is due. And lowly Fortran 101 students HAD to use keypunch.

She gets in line, gets to the front of the line, runs her deck, pulls it out, shuffles it, runs it, pulls it out shuffles it and runs it a third time. Turns around, and the whole line is looking at her slack-jawed and wide-eyed. She puts on her best blonde persona, and says 'Well, I didn't know if it ran right the first time, so I thought I'd try in a couple of different orders.' And walked off.

She had to keep three or four cards at the beginning of the deck, and one or two at the end. She was apparently good at shuffling cards.

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