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There are some times that you just hate being correct.

Evidently my intuition was correct. There's nothing we can do about Little Fayoumis having to spend Thanksgiving with his biological hazards, and if his mother isn't there to guard him, marxdarx and I are next in line. I can't in good conscience leave him to the Thanksgiving crowd alone.

If it were just Grandma and Grandpa on a low-key weekend, just them and him, I can live with that. However, Grandma does not do stress well, and Thanksgiving is stress. It might be fine if there were some form of guarantee that That Woman, the other daughter of votania's parents, would not be there. It's almost a certainty that she will be there.

The dynamic of the unsupported female line of that family is ... sheesh. It's bad enough when everybody is healthy, happy, and sane. Great-grandma is in fragile health. Grandma will be stressed. That Woman will likely be at the top of her form, where by "top" I mean "each time I see her she has sunk a few notches further in my estimation of how an adult should behave, let alone a parent". The cousins are becoming more like their mother, and I just know that Jewel will be testing out her mother's influence on Little Fayoumis, Jade will be feeling lost, and Krystal will be all over the place, likely without any supervision save her sisters, and now she'll be big enough to get into worse trouble if there's not an eye on her every second. The fact that Rocket Uncle won't be there, and it'll be the first year without him... icing on the very nutty booze-soaked fruitcake of gloom. And doom. Did I mention the doom?

My only hope is to specify very clearly that Dawn will be here at n time, and of course I'd love to attend Thanksgiving (where by "love" I mean "loathe like the burning flames of IcyHot spiked with habañero in my nether regions") but as neither Little Fayoumis nor I have seen Dawn since last year, and she doesn't visit Arizona much anymore, we do have to get back in time to see her, could that be arranged? And while Dawn would certainly love to attend a family Thanksgiving, she is doing that with her mother and brother and sister-in-law and the kids, and she's really pinched for time, and...

...we'll see.

I have a full flask of peppermint schnapps, and I know how to use it.

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