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Van Zwol got embarrassed: film

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. A good 10% of the class is out -- whether by chance, choice, illness, poor scheduling, or other reasons, they were all gone.

Van Zwol started discussing this, and also the plans of everyone else who was there, for the holidays. "So what are you doing this weekend?" he asked the class in general, and then picked on one woman in particular, a rather inconspicuous person on the south side of the room.

"Selling sex toys," she said clearly.

Van Zwol turned bright red and hastily changed the subject. He couldn't just let the comment lie, however. "You certainly don't get this job by being shy, do you," he said. "I suppose now you're going to start handing out business cards to your classmates?"

"In fact, I already have..."

Another stumper for Van Zwol. "So is this door-to-door?" and painted a brief word picture of a door-to-door sex toy salesperson.

"No, it's like Tupperware parties."

By this time the class is in hysterics. Keep in mind that this is 3rd tri Computer Information Systems majors, most of whom are at or over the age of 23.

The concept of Van Zwol hosting such a sex toy party for the entire class to attend is brought up and discarded.

The class did not return to normal operation for a good five to ten minutes, and even then you could hear the snickers and whispers around the room from time to time.

Adding to the general amusement of the situation, of course, is that I have hearing damage from my roommate's music (she has hearing damage from being shot at by her former husband [the man is fondly remembered as "asshole"] and plays her music loud enough for her to hear) and do not clearly hear what the woman on the other side of the room said quietly. I am left to imagine what the three words she uttered were, and my imagination goes wild. Meanwhile, the rest of the class is howling with laughter, the instructor is turning a very nice hue, and the guy who sits between me and the wall and I are looking at each other saying "??" as the sedate accounting class degenerates around us into frat-boy humor.
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