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When Fanfic Meets Commerical Porn^H^H^H^H Erotica

Maybe a year ago, I was reading around the 'net, and I found this one site, a silly sex site without all the raunchy popups, devoted to essays about sex, etc.

And they had one little thing that was a Harry Potter takeoff, with Harry and Hermione and Ron having come of age and taking the Sex Magic class. And it sounded like it was going to be a really fun read.

And then the file stopped, and said:

"Like it? If you want to read the rest, click here to, you know, pay money."

And my first reaction: "What. The. Fuck."

Because, as any good fanfic writer knows, you DON'T play with their characters and make money off it. I would imagine that even a "Support our site" paypal button on a fanfic site, especially a raunchy fanfic site, could be legally iffy, and a "Like my writing? Keep me in cigarettes and booze (or, pb&j and ramen)" paypal button on a fanfic writer's site would be more iffy. This -- THIS!

Then, later, now, I realized: the pr0n industry has been probably doing that for years. This is a text-only version of the classic theme of taking a big-name idea and making a porn version of it. This is beautifully and wonderfully in-character. It's high-quality erotica. It's NC-17 fanfic. One you pay for, one you don't. Neither are authorized by Rowling & publisher.

I come from the fanfic side of things, and it just strikes me as wrong, but I know that if I'd been reading professional erotica all my adult life, and paying for it, I would think of fanfic authors as being cheated.

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