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Hotmail, kiss my ass.

Have decided to complain to Hotmail, finally, about their stupid habit of making it impossible to open links in mail without their help.

Y'see, when you get mail, links are clickable -- and they open as a frame in a "helpful" Hotmail window.

Since I don't see the helpful, I'm reporting it as a problem. A bug, not a feature. I cannot click on a link without the wrong page opening. A hotmail page is not the page I am going to. Therefore, it is the wrong page. I click on the link, an erroneous page opens, and I have to copy and paste the link by hand into the new window to get where I'm trying to go. It doesn't take me where I want to go. It gives me a page I wasn't going to. It is broken.

Yes, I can play dense, immovable user. It's not a feature I want. I haven't been able to find a way to turn it off. Therefore, it is a bug.

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