Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Had another dream with Darkside in it, but this time it just looked like him, acted like him, and bore his name -- it wasn't him in there. I can feel the difference.

There was something about an airport, and a dog, and getting a job (I was on the phone interviewing with a manager type) and adult-type stuff. Also, ATM robberies with John Cleese playing my father (not playing FatherSir, you understand, just playing my father).

And then it was time for bed, and we were sort of camping, and I wound up settling down next to Darkside, who was somewhat grumpy about it, but somewhat grumpy turned into me being very cold and him snuggling up and sharing blankets, and then us being careful not to kiss, because Balor would detect it if we started to kiss, but we were doing almost doing everything but.

*sigh* Only a fantasy. Wasn't really him.

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