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Azure Jane Lunatic

Things today:

Little Fayoumis came to school with me. Sat through Server Admin, then we hung with Mr. President of the GSU. Mr. Pres has been dubbed Vanyel by Dawn, for his queer and mageriffic and elegant splendor.

Little Fayoumis was convinced that the GSU was the coolest club.

We came home. I was zonked. Then Marx came home, and I wound up heading off to TJ's to get chocolate covered caramels. TJ's will be hiring in a few weeks.

My icewater, hot tea (lipton's and orange zinger mixed, with sugar) and caramels and I sat down to whip off 2000 words. Word. I'm up to 4200 now. The novel's The Necromancer's Prayer, and my progress can be tracked from my NNWM profile. I don't have a place to view the novel entire; various friends have gotten to preview little snippets, but the only place that I'll be putting larger portions at the moment is on the NNWM site.

redshoeson dropped by my IM to say hi. It was good to hear from her. We passed back and forth the juicy bits of what's been going on. Of everyone, it's certainly excellent to gossip with her.

I have yet to claim my portion of the raspberry bundt cake. Soon, my precioussss. Soon.

Told the SWE and GSU that at my girlfriend's school, the SWE ran the drag show, and there wasn't anything cool like that here. Mr. President was notably interested.

The reporters for the school paper stopped by. LF may make the news. Hee! The GSU's little flyers were typo-ridden. I told Mr. Pres that next time, I should be allowed to proofread. GUS hear, indeed!!!! [Yes, Auj, that deserved comic book punctuation.]

I still like Randy a lot. He's a lot more mature than many of the past men I've written. He owes a lot to Darkside's sense of humor, Ivan Vorpatril's attitude and cool, and Scott Jones's ... thing. Whatever that is. At least of the three, one of them is my own original character. That makes me happy. (I 0wnz0r Scott; he lives in ectogenesis.)

eris_raven is a sweetheart.

11 nice things, for progress, rather than 10, for holding steady.

You'll need your COBOL book in the morning, love, as well as allllll the goddamn server admin volumes. Aren't you glad you saved 'em? Yes. I hate you.
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