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Writing group at the Women's Center

Adventures, adventures.

So I was going to go with easalle to the writing group at the women's center, and bring my NNWM novel. So her husband gets home late, and she says she's on her way ...

... and then I get an IM from her husband saying that she's sort of potentially lost.

So we get that straightened out, and then he says oh yeah -- it's book club night. There is some waffling, but finally I agree that going would be a good thing. And LF and I have been ready waiting, and we zoom.

The flashy ad-screen-thing on the corner of 19th Ave and McDowell is a fucking danger. I should complain. But it's an effective landmark.

We missed the place the first time when we were driving, because we were talking. I pointed this out, and we got there. I think that's the second time. I was with her both times. Hmm.

Little Fayoumis (who was along, as I'm in charge until Marx gets his school schedule to chill down, which'll be February, I think) got sent to the kids' area, and I went and chilled with the loud people. We were supposed to have read a book, I think the title was That Takes Ovaries, about the gutsy things that women do and have done. This of course turned into talking about stuff. I was relatively quiet.

It was fun. We came back here and I ... did something that I believe could be construed as an act of infidelity. *sigh* Yes, dear, easalle got a copy of my story so far, before you did, but I'll very shortly be putting the same within your reach.

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