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That witch we call a rose...

Amusing household moment:

Sitting down to pay bills together, Votania and I do very much resemble husband and wife. I had been wearing the disco ball dress (because now I didn't have to wear the pants in the family) and it was just an amusing moment.

Today, "[her first name] & Joan [my last name]" on the return address of a bill.

She doesn't want the last name from her biological family anymore. She's a sister of mine, so my last name will do in a pinch, when she needs a last name.

We're a family.

I wonder if she's going to consider a legal name change? I wonder if there's a way to legally adopt her as a sister? She's too old to be adopted by my parents, and anyway they have their two children and that's enough for them. There's only one person she'd ever marry, and he's living too far away from her right now.

It's going to be confusing as hell for Nephew when it comes to family. He's trying to figure out who his family is, since he's never had much in the way of a stable family.

I intend to be here for him forever, if need be. Certainly until he gets things figured out about family. If I was ever thinking about killing myself again, I couldn't. I am safe from even entertaining the passing fancy of suicide for the next fifteen years. I have a child to care for and provide for. I can't just up and abandon him. That would be worse than his "aunt" That Woman.

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