Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Assorted things, some of which are Very Very Wrong

Goofus/Gallant slash, link courtesy of trickofthedark. Happily, I haven't that many childhood memories to get corrupted by this. I'm sure some of us will have more, to which I say: Ha-ha!

It's been mostly a quiet evening. More on that later.

I went and gave plasma today. The needle was in a bit oddly, or something, because it hurt like the business of the Lone Power. While I was there, everyone else went with Grandma to go get a fake tree for the season. Blasphemy!

Have been reading To Visit the Queen last night and today. I may not have been schedule/energy-wise able to finish NNWM, but I aced the 50bookchallenge with room to spare.

I realize I haven't been quite my usual chatty self lately. This is, in part, due to not much going on, and also due to me being somewhat busy. Those two sort of contradict each other, yes, but that's how it is, really. Plus I have my paper journal to talk to in class, and I've been NNWM-writing. I'll probably get back up on my usual babblebox for December.

I am keeping my nails polished, for a change. The current color is the dark, sparkly blue that was the true, natural color of my hair before the aliens who gave me to my parents swapped it out for a more normal Earth-human color.

My cat still occasionally comes when called. This is amazing.

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