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Food, dizzy.

Um. That was interesting, in the not-fun way.

I wound up not getting breakfast, just random chocolate and strawberry soda. So I had the illusion of food and energy, but actually didn't. So I went gallivanting about over to the dollar store to get lotion and shampoo, thinking I was just fine. And then, of course, about threeish, my body decided it was crashing, and I got woozy, dizzy, and nauseous.

And of course, since my "I'm crashing and need food" favorite food is soup (bean with bacon or vegetable beef, canned both) microwaved in the raven bowl from Mama, I had to do dishes. (It's my favorite because it's nutritious, and very easy to make.) That meant unloading the last load (my least favorite chore aside from mopping the floor) and clearing out the sink so I could wash the bowl so I could prepare the soup, which meant washing dishes.

So I washed dishes, dizzy from lack of food, and started the dishwasher.

I'm finally un-dizzy. Yay, un-dizzy.

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