Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

That Time of Year again... yep, allergies.

It's allergy season for the Lunatic! Or something like that!

You see, when it is summer, the doors and windows are closed, because the air conditioning is on, and the cats aren't free-range cats. So, the allergens stay out of the house for the most part, and are pretty much filtered up anyway.

However, in the winter, I leave my window more or less open all the time. If the outside is too cold for me, I burrow under blankets. I like cool weather, Arizona-style. (Note that in Alaska, it is cold enough already without leaving open a window, unless it's summer, in which case it's about the temperature of an Arizona winter, and the windows are supposed to be open.)

And all the happy little allergens that didn't get me while I was outside sneak in and attack me in my sleep. Yes. In my sleep. They are evil. They must die. Die!!! *plots*

So I'm probably going to be on allergy meds for the duration of ... whatever. Happily, I'm one of those lucky people who can be on decongestants and not get all drowsy/woozy or hyper. I suspect this is in part due to my very ill childhood, which got me used to said meds, before you had to have a legal excuse to buy them in bulk.

I am annoyed at the current thing where they have the painkillers packaged with the decongestants by default, and you have to buy a special kind of non-painkillered decongestants if that's what you don't want. And of course it's more expensive, and not as many in the package, so bah. So even though I don't need the painkillers, I'm getting that kind anyway, because I can't afford the other kind, which has got to be bad for my liver. I blame the meth-heads, and megacorporations.

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