Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Dreams, movies, books

You know, some of my dreams, if tweaked a little, could certainly make interesting books or movies or something.

I suspect that many people's could, but I have the talent to convert a dream into words, and one can do much with that.

If I just edited it for continuity, or better lack thereof, and made original characters of the real and fictional people inhabiting the dream world... really. Most of the fictional and real people who appear in my dream do so not because they're the person from the book or movie or show or they are who they really are, but because they fit an archetype. Scully is the stubborn female lead who's a strong woman in her own right, plus she isn't a woman who is strong because she is or has emulated the masculine ideal, she's strong because she's who she is, and that includes some "chick stuff". My mental images of people I dream about has become contaminated by fanon as well as canon.

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