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Had an early Christmas celebration with Votania's family. Her world-traveling aunt (the one I did the Sesame Street Tarot reading about) was in town and wanted to give the grandkids their presents while she was there to see them open everything.

Nephew gave his beads that Santa on the motorcycle tossed to him to his cousin, the middle one, our favorite. He's spending the night with That Woman and his cousins. This is cool, because That Woman knows that if she tries anything weird, both Votania and I will beat the hell out of her. So he's safe there for short amounts of time unsupervised.

This time was a lot better, because I got to escape outside with the kids and bubble stuff for a large amount of time.

The main dish was pork. Neither Votania and I touched it, nor the gravy. I made inquires about the gravy, learned what was in it, and didn't touch it. Dinner was otherwise good.

Grandma and Great-Grandma fight. This time it wasn't so bad.
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