Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Feedback. Saved for when it's motherfucking working.

I notice that links that come in my e-mail are mangled.

Specifically, when I get an e-mail from, say, ParentCenter, and they have a link that I should be able to click on and get their page, when I click on it, it opens in a new window, and it has a "helpful" Microsoft advisory that I am visiting a page outside of Hotmail, and I should close this window to return. The URL of the link looks nastily mangled, and if I wanted to save that URL for later, without saving the message, I had better hope that the sender had put the link plain-text ( versus like this: (Link).

The links also expire when they're helpfully mangled by your service. I understand that this is for security. I don't need or want this.

I would like an option to turn Hotmail's mangling of my links OFF. Open in new window, fine. Have a "helpful" message at the top that I can't get rid of, not fine. Make it so I can't save the *#@*$&% links coming to me in my own e-mail in an unmangled form by right-clicking and selecting "copy shortcut", not fine.

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