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Ranting. (cross-post from a comment in the journal of ras_sinister)

My math teacher refuses to use the English language correctly. I left that class in tears the day when he could not see that what he was doing with his word problem was an inappropriate use of the English language.

Statistically, he was asking a different question than he was verbally, and he was trying to explain how he was correct. He would not listen; he was the instructor and I was the student.

I used to get flaming mad and stomp out after saying "This class sucks." That was what I did two semesters ago with a different instructor.

This time I sat at my desk and tears of frustration emerged. Bogus. Wrong. Evil.

My beloved roommate grew up financially, culturally, and educationally disadvantaged, and frequently uses perfectly good English words in contexts that they were not intended for, using these words with a meaning different than the dictionary meaning.

Fortunately, she understands about the necessity of a common reference point, and is working to correct her usage to the standard.

Our worst arguments have been when we've been talking about different things using the same words. My worst assumption has been that she's read in their entirety the same reference materials that I have; I take for granted information she's never seen. She owned the volumes before I was even aware they'd been written. She was violently opposed to some technique of magic I'd researched and had personal experience with; she thought I was talking about something else entirely.

Her flaw lies in assuming she knows what I'm talking about, and also assuming that I don't know what I'm talking about; she thinks she's already done it all, and guesses at what I've been trying, without making certain that she knows the exact mechanics of what I actually have just tried, or am making inquiries toward.

When she thinks she knows something, even if she learns otherwise later, that thought that she had in the beginning stays with her to forever poison her new knowledge.

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