Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

What I Put Up With

Me: in charge of my computer (the internet gateway) and the network and connectivity and local support. Half-assedly trained in basic computer shit, decent with local area networks, little to no experience on XP.
Him: in charge of his computer (he needs it for school).
His computer: running XP, installed by him, set up by him.

Part 1.
"The internet just went out!"
"Oh really. What did you do?"
"Nothing. Well... nothing. It was working for a bit, but then it stopped working again."
"What's your IP address?"
"Two one three dot --"
"There's your problem. It needs to be 192.168.0.something-that's-not-one."
"Cool, thanks."

"Do I need to put something as default gateway?"

Part 2.
Still not working.
"By chance, do you have this dynamically getting its IP address?"
"Um, yeah...?"

Part 3.
"Please let me try something."
"How 'come I am not allowed to disable the LAN connection?"
"I don't know."
"Where's the administrator account?"
"All of these accounts are administrators."
"Is there an account that is named 'Administrator'?"

Part 4.
"Oh, wow! There's a group called 'Administrators', and I guess we all have to be in it!" went on like that for quite some time.

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