Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

'net outage

1:51 am


Got nasty error. Saved all stuff offline, then rebooted.

Error persisted. Called tech support, with visions of having to do evil stuff to computer all night dancing in my

Fortunately, there's some server maintainence going on in the Phoenix/Tempe area, and it's likely due to that, and
it should be all good sometime this morning.

Going to bed now, I hope. Gave up on FotR, started RotK. Still not far in. Did get lovely long bath. Also made much commentary on the listwank (will be posted locked because not everyone needs to see my unvarnished opinions of people I make a point of interacting civilly with) and made inroads on reading the Pizza discussion onlist.

Room is still disaster area. Did not get laundry done. Really must adjust the thing to redial a little more slowly.

'net back. Yay.

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