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The Cunning Plan

If all goes according to the harmonious aspects of things, Adam will be going out tomorrow night and getting toasted for his birthday.

Adam's birthday is today. Adam is now 21. Happy Birthday, Adam!

The plan is this:

Adam gets dropped off at Neighbor's. Adam (and Neighbor, if he's got the schedule free) go Out and Have Fun with Alan as driver and tour guide.

Alan drags Adam back to my apartment. Votania will have already put Nephew to bed. I turn on the CD player, and fun will be had by all, Adam's state of sobriety permitting.

Votania wants a full report in the morning. Darkside offered to dig up his video camera and have someone take it along on the festivities (both the festivities with Alan and Neighbor, and the festivities with me).


Did I mention anywhere that I'm evil?
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