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Glamourbombing: Santa Surprise

Dressed up in black pants and a black tank top underneath a knee-length red velvet nightgown with 3/4 length sleeves. Wore a holly and jinglebell and ribbon headdress. Packed my walking stick with me, and a bunch of shiny glass pebbles and gold-colored bells in a bag.

Got picked up by easalle, who was running a bit late because of a small household incident. Went to machinegirl's.

Somewhere along the way, easalle got the bright idea that we should go and carol for Darkside, because he lives out in Mesa, and somehow, I was convinced that this was a good idea as well. So Yahoo Maps and I coughed up directions, and we showed up on his doorstep around ten-ish (or was it later?)

His father answered the door. We stood there looking silly for a bit, and then I started singing.

His father went to "get the kid".

So easalle and machinegirl met Darkside. Darkside in pajamas. Groggy, but polite, Darkside.

I have the feeling that I'll be hearing about this later.

Then we hit Mill Avenue. Problematically, we know few carols in common. So we sort of caroled, and handed out bits of swag, and got beads, and came home.

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