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Current Kittenhate User Page

kittenhate's website,, is going down, perhaps for good.

I'm immortalizing my stats page. User Statistics: azurelunatic

Registration Date: 2003-03-13 14:07:45
Name: Azz
Age: 23
Sex: Female
City: Phoenix
State/Province: Arizona
Country: United States

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Private Messages: Send Message.

AIM Screenname: AzureLunatic


About This User:
Hierarchial polyamory is sometimes dizzying for the observer, especially when there is unrequited love and Long Distance thrown into the mix.

I am primarily in love with my best friend Darkside, an excellent man who knows me as no one else has the time to.

In case it wasn't blindingly obvious, Darkside is my unrequited love, and my fantasies about him are just that -- fantasies. We are not in a relationship. We are best friends, and anyone who would think of dating me has to contend with the fact that if he should ever acknowledge the fact that I am his, he would immediately be my Primary relationship.

I have a long-distance Pretty, a sweet little sub who purrs ever so nicely when petted.

In the past I had a boyfriend and another guy (Mr. Shallow) that I fantasized about on a regular basis, and past kills will reflect this.

Most of my kittenslaying occurs in the Temple, the apartment I share with my soulsister and her boyfriend. I am not sexually involved with either of them.

The Hard Numbers

Total Kills:
azurelunatic has killed a total of 112 kittens over her entire tracked history of kitty escapades.
Lifetime/Daily Average:
azurelunatic is knocking out an average of 0.39 kittens per day over her lifetime career of 286 days.

Weekly Average:
azurelunatic is averaging 2.74 kittens per week over 40.86 weeks.

Days Of The Week:
azurelunatic's special day is Sunday, where she has killed a total of 25 kittens.

azurelunatic's next most favourite day was Friday, where she has killed 24 kittens.

Hours Of The Day:
azurelunatic gets off most between the four-hour block of Midnight and 4 AM, where she has killed off a total of 32 kittens in her time.

azurelunatic's 2nd most frequent time of day to kill kittens is between 8 PM and Midnight, where 24 kittens have been laid to rest.


Overall World Ranking:
azurelunatic is ranked #111 in all of our users across the world.
Ranking in the United States:
azurelunatic is ranked #80 in the country of the United States, where she currently resides.

Ranking in Arizona:
azurelunatic is ranked #1 in the state/province of Arizona.

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