Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Quiet day: insight, movies, shopping.

Had a quiet morning, followed up by a visit to the plasma place. I snagged Cyteen as my take-along book, and it hit me with the big Clue Stick: duh, psychogenesis, duh.

After that, I went shopping. I got more air fresheners for the cat box, a new black velvet skirt (my old one went MIA), and, um... oh, yeah. Cough drops. Then, when I hit home, votania needed to send someone to the store for cough medicine, so after I got off the phone with Dawn, I was it, because Marx still isn't up to doing much.

I got wrapping paper, ribbon, candy canes, cough syrup, and margerine. I like candy canes in my hot chocolate, and they were on sale. I'm leaving them in my Desk Drawers of Doom until such time as I summon the motivation to make more hot chocolate.

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