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Cast of Characters: Household

Household: Residents of the apartment, known as the Temple, templeravenmoon.

azurelunatic, Azz, Loony, Joanie, Azure, Joan, 'Ni: me.

votania, aka destruction130, previously known as Sis: my roommate, a soulsister I met November 2000 at DeVry; we've known each other forever. We have no known biological relationship.

Little Fayoumis, aka Nephew, Little Angel: Votania's seven-year-old son. A smart cookie, but easily distracted. In the first grade. Likes Star Wars, Spiderman, Pokémon, swordfighting, anime, cartoons, gaming, and general goofing off.

marxdarx: Votania's boyfriend, the household artist, and all-around interesting guy. Almost done with his degree in 3D animation.

shammash: Neutered male cat. He adopted us in late June 2001, about a month old, a scrawny crying kitten who found Votania and told her to take him home, he was hungry. Right Now. Black & grey stripy with a short, bent-at-the-end tail. Has settled down into a relatively well-mannered adult cat. Is a total cuddleslut. Has calmed down and stopped biting so much now that he has someone else to play with.

eris_raven: my cat. Little, grey tortoiseshell, very shy. Was a stray street cat in Southside Phoenix as of spring 2003. We found her while on an expedition with amberite. She has become almost tame for me, and often comes when called, but runs away and hides from all strangers.

Water Blossom: The only remaining betta (Siamese Fighting Fish), blue. Male.

Lunch, buffet: any number of nameless goldfish sharing temporary quarters with hot_chocolate until they become one with their destiny.

hot_chocolate: a red-eared slider turtle. He lives in a 30-gallon aquarium, and sometimes eats his roommates.

Honorary Members of the Temple:

Darkside: my best friend.

ralmathon ("Neighbor"): man who ought to be my brother.

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