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Cast of Characters: Neighbors


Wol: Former porn star neighbor. Gave the bad advice that led to the bad birthday of 2002. Has enormous cock (verified by digitalambience seeing the outline of it through his running pants). We don't talk with him much anymore, since the bad advice incident.

The Guy with the Dog: A friend of Wol's, with a little dog with big balls. He isn't good about picking up the dog shit.

The Yelly Lady: A neighbor across the way, who has in the past been apt to walk up and down the middle of the apartment complex, carrying on long, loud, and profane conversations with someone who the rest of us can't see.

yaksha42 and mi_wounded_soul: Geeks way down the way.

Old Lady next door: Old lady. Next door, in the apartment immediately next to us on the north. Always decorates for the holidays.

The Kid on the Phone: Neighbor across the way, guy about my age. Stands outside smoking and talking on the phone a lot.

Gamers Upstairs Across the way: Loud gamers, who open their door and let us share the joy.

The caregivers: Some-to-many of our neighbors in this block of apartments have people coming in and out to keep an eye on them and take care of them. This usually winds up being loudly social.

The Lady with the Music: Older lady, down the way towards the offices some. Not entirely there. Plays music loudly, often the same song over and over. Knocks on doors to talk to people who no one knows who is, and has a creepy way of saying, "Give me my baby!" when people walk by with their little kids.

The Lady Upstairs: Nice lady with a white car who lives upstairs directly above us. She and I make small talk about the weather.

The People We Scare Away: There is an ever-changing occupant in the apartment immediately to the south of us. It's a Temple joke that they can't take the spookiness of living next to the apartment complex's official witches.

Former Neighbors:

Tommy, Angelica, & their Grandma: Two small holy terrors and their grandmother-who-isn't-quite-all-observant. Tommy: LF's age. Angelica: a good few years younger (fourish, while the boys were seven.) Disrespectful to elders and wouldn't listen to Marx. After the disappearing Halloween decorations incident, no longer allowed to come in. Thankfully, they moved (late 2003).

digitalambience: formerly roommate, moved out summer 2002, and into his own place with some other people. Moved out of there late 2002 and into the complex across the way.

ralmathon: Formerly at the other end of the complex, moved over to the apartment complex across the way. Big bro. Used to be over here all the time to borrow the PS2 and babysit LF.

Mr. President of the GSU: used to live in this complex. We didn't know him then, though.

The People We Scare Away: All those occupants of the apartment to the south of us, who have moved away, presumably (or so the joke goes) because we were too scary.

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