Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

All's well over here.

Went to the park by the water treatment plant. Nice place. Little Fayoumis zoomed around on his scooter, and on the playground equipment. I amused myself by chasing him and making claws and saying, amusedly, "Rawr."

I met my girlfriend a year ago. Wow.

Hey, honey! Happy anniversary-thing! Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

In morning, tried calling Darkside. No answer. Bad timing. Again. :D Called this morning when he was going out, got to say hi. Then zipped bankward, and Beads Galore after refueling and abortive missions at, um, car wash thing since the AzureGreen package arrived.

Then, went got chicken takeout, came home, ate, went to park after. Raver-girl shared chicken scraps, and licked my fingers. Aww, cat is trusting. Finally.

Park was fun. Saw mom with two kidlets and bad kid management scheme. Took them like I swear an hour to leave. Tried scooter. Scooter was fun. Read Cyteen. Still not finished yet. I swear, it's a yearly or more frequent re-read, and it should be. I think I'ma turn around and read it again after this -- and then Spock's World and The Wounded Sky and the Young Wizards series when I can find them. It's doing my tapes. Hee.

Wine != kat, though.

Plum wine. Mmmm.

Next up: pizza and Nemo, or something.

No sushi in the house, damn it. Which violates the kosher law that I don't keep anyway, with the cheeseburgers.

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