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Phone Post: Happy New Year's!

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“Happy New Year's from the Lunatic -- we're having a very, um, quiet family lightswitch -- well, it's not a lightswitch rave -- there's a happy spinny ball with a bunch of colored lights going, there's a little, um, shiny mirror ball with a dying red spotlight, there's a blacklight, there's a, woogly light, there's a hangover, cause I started drinking early and was, you know, [something] the hangover kicks in before it's even New Years, by my time at least.

Um, happy new years to all y'all who have already had your new years, um, happy new years to everybody who hasn't had it yet, um, and I figure I've got like a couple more minutes to do all my last things from 2003, which includes, you know, posting this.

The Little Fayoumis is flicking around in a white shirt, because, you know, black light's on, I'm wearing all black, everybody else is changing, Darkside is doing his own thing gods know where, um, [giggles] -- you see I'm not entirely, like, totally sober yet. Cat's in the window...


It's been a pretty good day, all things considered, except for that little, um, altercation outside with the people yelling, and throwing things, and breaking glass and stuff, but that's all cleared up.

Happy New Year's, y0. [giggles]”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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