Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Food Allergy (etc) Meme

Foods I am actively badly allergic to:
none known.

Foods I am mildly allergic/sensitive to:
Walnuts, bananas that are not fully ripe, perhaps hazelnuts, raw pineapple, some tomatoes, perhaps raw broccoli, perhaps chocolate -- my father used to have a list of foods to eat to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder. I looked at it once, and noticed that pretty much everything on the list made my mouth raw.

Foods I Don't Eat, Ever:
Fried squid. (Tried it once, won't try it again.) Cooked spinach. Canned green beans. Canadian bacon + pineapple pizza. (Part of it is that the tomato plus the pineapple leaves my mouth raw...) Pork rinds. Most beer. V-8. Undercooked chicken.

Foods I Don't Prefer, But Will Eat Occasionally or Pick Out of Mixed Dishes:
Raw green beans. Water chestnuts. Peanuts. Peanut butter, fried chicken, eggs.

Foods I eat that many other people I know won't or can't:
Frozen green beans -- like, still frozen. Asparagus.

General Principles About My Food Prefs
I avoid pork out of solidarity with votania. I attempt to avoid over-processed foods, but often fall short of the mark. I raised chickens, and worked with large amounts of liquid eggs in baking, so I find the smell of eggs very nasty in most situations, and I know the kind of diseases that chickens carry, and won't eat chicken if I think there's the slightest chance it'll be even a tiny bit undercooked.

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