Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The nozzle in the heart of the Other is the nozzle in your heart; you six he.

(I get silly when tired.)

azurelunatic (3:51:27 AM): I must the bed.
sithjawa(3:51:35 AM): Good night.
azurelunatic (3:51:49 AM): Night. I probably must evict cat.
azurelunatic (3:51:51 AM): Housecat.
azurelunatic (3:51:59 AM): Not, like, treecat or lion.
azurelunatic (3:52:05 AM): Or lematya.
sithjawa(3:52:37 AM): What is my girlfriend on about? :-)
sithjawa(3:52:40 AM): What is a lemyata?
azurelunatic (3:52:57 AM): Is a poisonous desert creature.
azurelunatic (3:53:09 AM): Is known for being in beds.
azurelunatic (3:53:13 AM): It is not a cat.
azurelunatic (3:53:17 AM): But, it is like a cat.
sithjawa(3:53:28 AM): Apparently, I miss a lot by not living in Arizona.
azurelunatic (3:53:38 AM): Oh, but it is not from Arizona.
azurelunatic (3:53:55 AM): It is larger than a housecat.
sithjawa(3:54:15 AM): Is it larger than a breadbox?
azurelunatic (3:54:39 AM): Yes.
sithjawa(3:55:06 AM): Is it larger than a bed?
azurelunatic (3:55:14 AM): Depends on the bed.
azurelunatic (3:56:57 AM): In the words of the famous philosopher: if one has a le-matya in one's bed, one first must admit that the le-matya is in one's bed so that one may call Animal Control and have it removed, otherwise, if one does not admit that it is there, one's bed will become increasingly crowded.
azurelunatic (3:58:46 AM): See! Google has translated the words of the sage for me1
azurelunatic (3:58:49 AM): !!
azurelunatic (3:59:07 AM): Not to accellerare the entropy. In order to succeed to you, you must remove the fear. It removes hatred and the anger, removes all the emotions that push the Universe towards the chaos. Not asserting semplicente that they do not exist, because they are a part of all.

Not to misinterpret to me when I speak "to remove". Many could think that this means to reject the fear, supporting not to have any. It is not the same thing. To support that not there is a lematya in your house, will not make it to go via, if ce n' it is one. You must before admit with same you the fact that is a lematya... must accept its presence. Then you can call the attache's to the animal control, make them to come and make to carry it via. But until you will not have admitted that it is lì, you will find lematya in the every bed a night. You can save your pride, denying its presence, but your bed unpleasantly will be crowded.

azurelunatic (3:59:38 AM): See!
sithjawa(4:00:42 AM): I see.
azurelunatic (4:00:53 AM): Also!
azurelunatic (4:01:03 AM): The nozzle in your heart is the nozzle in the heart of the Other!
azurelunatic (4:01:25 AM): evil google link of doom
azurelunatic (4:01:25 AM): \
azurelunatic (4:01:29 AM): VERILY!
sithjawa (4:03:51 AM): It returns to the bookcase!
azurelunatic (4:04:00 AM): Yes.
azurelunatic (4:05:52 AM): So, lematyas are not native to Arizona.
sithjawa (4:05:58 AM): I see
azurelunatic (4:06:16 AM): But there are several in my bookcase nonetheless.

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