Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Accomplishing Things! With poorly designed call systems!

  • Woke up.

  • Found phone bill.

  • Paid phone bill.

  • Had previously done juggling of accounts so that same could be accomplished.

  • Did not get narged by the stupid phone menu, and was very polite about giving my feedback on the stupid phone system that did like so:
    [user navigates phone menu] [user encounters error in system resulting in general inability to pay the automated way] [user is forwarded to customer service representative queue] *hold music* *ring, ring* Automated voice: "All of our representatives are busy. We think you'll have a 60 second wait." *hold music* *ring, ring* Automated voice: "We are currently experiencing high call volume, and we don't know when we'll get to you." *hold music* *ring, ring* Automated voice: "High call volume." *hold music* *ring* Automated voice: "High call volume. Still. Always." *hold music* [user seethes gently]
    Told person that when I hear ringing, I expect to get connected to a Real Person after that. Long wait time? No real problem; I've worked call center jobs before. But ringing should equal human. (Well, or voicemail, but that's a given these days.) CSR and manager were impressed that I was so sweet about the whole thing.

  • Got dressed.

  • Put away laundry.

Next up: breakfast/lunch, catbox, plasma, bank.

Yesterday I also cleaned the purse. Or something like that.

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