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Sister (new), Bunny.

On the phone with Dawn tonight. It was good to have a gossip with her.

We're both fans, so naturally we were off on tangents all over the place, and a slight trip of my tongue caused a very unique crossover bunny.

Voldemort and Valdemar sound too much alike, don't they?

Harry would be Chosen as a Herald, of course. Hermione would be a Blue until she was Chosen. Fudge and Malfoy Senior would both make excellent senior courtiers/government officials. Dumbledore strikes me as a particularly politically something-or-other White Winds mage, Dawn suggests that he's an associate of Kerowyn's. Hagrid would be right at home cozying up to assorted Pelagris beasties, and Dawn says that if Fred and George are to remain in Haven, they've got to be Herald trainees or they'd be out on their ears. Draco Malfoy would be excessively pissed that that bushy-haired lowborn Blue got Chosen and he, heir of the Malfoy, was passed right over. Madam Pomfrey would be highly placed in the Healer's Collegium, and I could see Snape as a political refugee not entirely trusting of the other "turncoats" in Haven. Huh. And James Potter and the Marauders as having been a band of the young courtiers, whose exploits are still legend just under that of Skif...

Fudge still doesn't quite believe in magic; Lord Malfoy believes in pure bloodlines and not allotting powers of decision to those who don't have a history of being accustomed to the burdens of command.

Dawn adopted me as a virtual little sister. So yay! I get to be pesty to her as well as to votania and ralmathon!

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