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Movie Meme: "Do not watch this movie if you find that idea of brutal stabbings to be distasteful."

Azurelunatic in In the Middle of Junior High
azurelunatic (Michelle Williams) has seemingly run out of luck. Because of that, her dwindling ability to be influential is all too real, and swallowtayle, her friend's sister (Michelle Trachtenberg), is weighed down by the pressure of being more popular than ever. pyrogenic (Ashton Kutcher) gossips about Mr Right. The youth then dance terribly to terrible music in a cool way.
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Votania in Nightdart
In this compelling bloodbath, votania (Halle Berry) is an undercover prisoner with a mission. She promises to track down marxdarx (Rob Schneider) before her former partner, azurelunatic (Gwyneth Paltrow), reaches him. Following a chain of very obvious clues, she attempts a break-in at Azurelunatic's fortress. You only live twice; see this movie both times.
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