Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Computer Happy Funtime!

In our last update about the computers in my Server Admin lab project, I merrily assured everyone that the graphical user interface was hosed, but we were working on repairs.

I missed the last lab of 2003, and therefore got to miss three hours (or so) of the class's sharpest minds boiling over the poor computer, the utter failure to salvage anything from the installation, and the subsequent wipe and reinstall of Red Hat.

Soooo... looks like I'll be revisiting my little DNS exploits happy fun tomorrow. Joyyyy. This was what wibbble referred to as "the Black Arts," unless my memory utterly fails me.

Ah, well. It's less painful the second time, unless it's slamming one's nose in the kitchen door repeatedly, in which case it does not hurt less the second time, even if one does happen to be That Idiot Shawn.

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