Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

morning, evening, day.

Work got out early Thursday. Hours are pinched. Bad for paycheck!

Wound up at school ten before six on Friday. Been showing up early. Darkside has been surprised.

Worked on Stats project and did not touch my beloved C++. Much unhappiness there. Darkside can be distracting.

In Accounting, Van Zwol presented the tale of why you never go to the McDonald's in Payson... and since it was covered in class, it will be on a quiz or test some time. Class was roaring with laughter.

Adam came home with me. Much fun was had.

As soon as Votania came home, she and Nephew and I set out on an expedition to find a new coat for Nephew -- the zipper on his old nasty coat (from Grandma, don'tcha know, two years on loan and still oceans too big and as ugly as ever; Grandma wants it back now, even though it's broken and bashed-up) is broken -- we took the bus to Goodwill; took the bus back to the mall. Nephew's been hyper lately and not minding what we say. He's learning, though.

Came home, checked mail, chatted online and on phone with Adam, crashed.

Many odd dreams.

Today I work eight hours.
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