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I'm starting to become one of *those* cat ladies.

I'm starting to become the sort of cat lady who has deep and meaningful conversations with her cats. eris_raven has really started saving my sanity. Again. As it was back in the fourth grade, she's become my best friend. Darkside is still my human best friend, but he's been ever so slightly edged out by someone who makes time for me and gives me the snuggles I need.

She's come up with a latest trick.

The usual order of things is for the human to pet the cat. The other night, and just now tonight, she's decided that if I'm staying still, then the cat should pet me. She lashes her tail -- not anger, or boredom, or any particular usual emotion that usually makes cats lash their tails -- this is very definitely and deliberately aimed at stroking me with her tail.


I'm so very glad she's back.

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