Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I actually get productive in afternoons.

I put away some laundry. Shocking. That, of course, was so I could find things to wear to get dressed with. Perhaps my new "Thou shalt put away laundry" resolution should be to pick the clothing you need to wear from the pile of clean laundry, and to put away all the things you find in your quest for a complete outfit that aren't the bits you were looking for. I had to hang up about six shirts before I could find underpants, and then I put assloads of underpants away before locating a bra and pants.

I wound up wandering mallwards, and was snagged by one of those mall survey people (which was the intent) and wound up doing two surveys.

Of course, by the time I got done, the bank was closed, so I shan't see spend the fruits of my snarky comments on a soda commercial and a movie trailer until Monday or later.

After the abortive trip to the bank, I came back and went a little shopping: canned soup, lipstick for LF the next time he wants blue lips, chips, and (finally) the metal clippy thing that is the best piece I've found for holding the stacked mattresses together. Yay!

Evidently this iteration of the jerky was less than successful. Bah. Little Fayoumis was good today, though. He and I spent some time lying on the living room floor reading the kids' dictionary I got for him. Sadly, it wasn't the same one I had as a child, which was ever so much better, and so much more amusing.

I got to talk to Dawn, which is always a plus. She's been busy, working two jobs.

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