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late-night would-be intruder

Setting the scene:

Time: late night, maybe one and a half big ones in the morning.
Place: the Lunatic's bedroom, in a mildly dodgy bit of Phoenix, Arizona (about a quarter of the ground-floor windows have thick security screens over them in this apartment complex)
Characters: the Lunatic, at her computer; eris_raven, sitting by the window.
The window: is open. Blinds are down.
The Lunatic: is awake, sitting at the computer, by the window.

It gave me a funny turn when there was a sudden noise outside the window, right ON the screen, only a yard from my unprotected face. There was the sudden presence of someone or something, crouched down so only the head area of them was visible through the cracks.

I'm a Gryffindor when startled, more bravery than sense. I smack the blinds aside with the intent of causing a little mayhem first, to see that it's no man crouched out there, nor woman, but a CAT, that little queen who looks cross between Persian and Siamese, clinging to the screen with claws hooked into the spaces.

"Shoo!" I told her, or words to that effect. Clinging in the classic cat-on-screen-door posture, she didn't, not until I thipped her foot from the inside, at which point she dropped off and went ... elsewhere.

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