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Yes, I love my neighborhood: yelling, screaming, and the cops.

Another visit of Happy Fun from the neighbors. There was some sort of domestic dispute or other, of an unknowable type, that erupted into yelling, of the "Everybody should just simmer down now" type, which was compounded by what sounded to be mental issues with a side helping of paranoia.

Try "Somebody call 911! They're trying to kill me!" sounds.

Someone did, and there was great debate out front.

The current themes involve, "Shut up, you piece of shit!" and several people all trying to talk at once over each other, and a crying small kid (possibly Pennywhistle Owner) on top of that.

"Welcome to Phoenix," as votania keeps telling me.

And now, there is a lot of giving of names, and figuring out how to spell them.

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