Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Shopping with Gayboys

Was bored, and also out of lettuce. Came up with the idea of shopping.

Just about then, Mr. President's roommate signed in to Y!. We chatted, and then we wound up deciding to go shopping together.

I called sionainn and left a message, then rainstorm13 got to hear about the Corner of Doom and the bad Arizona drivers.

I had a delightful time shopping with the gayboy. It is good to go shopping with gayboys. There were some wall sticky jelly things that we decided that we would trust Little Fayoumis with, but not Mr. President. The stocker person on the ladder was amused. I also shared the story about "that ancient bitch" and V's new legal name, an amusing tale from 2001 sometime, in combination with sleep dep.

Ben & Jerry's was on sale. Mmm. My digestive system may hate me later. Also, avacado. (Why does that remind me of Avada Kedavra? Also, can I even spell that spell?) Chatted with sionainn, who is having a Siblings' Night In, it sounds like.

The joys of borrowing one's roommate's cellphone with unlimited long distance on it.

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