Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Cue the damned unfunny part of Arizona: the Lunatic overheats and dries out.

Evidently I need the air conditioning to kick in by January. It's been uniformly too hot, both outside and in. I'm wearing a tank top with the fan on, and I'm sucking down water. It's 75°F out there, which is at the high end of room temperature for me. Given that inside is usually warmer than outside, it's ... too hot.

Our apartment complex has water-driven heating and cooling: in the "cold" bits of the year, the water running through the pipes is hot, to heat the air, and in the "hot" to "way too hot" to "infernal" bits of the year, the water is cold. This adds up to the general concept that when the average Arizonan is freezing or saying, "Ahh, what nice weather!", I am boiling, and can't turn on the cooling. Last night I wound up putting a bottle of ice-water at the back of my neck until I cooled down enough to sleep.

You never want an overheated Lunatic. Misery ensues.

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