Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Happy New Year.

A day late, but yeah. Though I already announced it yesterday.

But anyway.

In this new year, I'm horribly glad that I was rescued, or was moved to rescue myself, from the most vile of confinements. I am glad that I did not bend myself to fit the pleasure of another that was not my pleasure as well.

I trust in Darkside, see, because whatever his other faults, he does not wish that I be other than myself. He wishes that I be myself, the best, strongest, most ass-kicking lovely self that I can be, and he wants to kick my ass when I'm not, only gently.

Contrast that with a man who found me not conservative enough, too headstrong, not circumspect enough, rude and loud and cruel and obnoxious. He magnified my flaws.

Darkside magnifies my strengths, as I hope I magnify his. I see him as strong, wise, capable, funny, tender, loyal...

We may ever be a platonic pair, us, but we belong together.

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