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The Girly Quiz

1. Out of all the shades of pink, which one is your favorite?
The deep pink that new wild roses come out as.

2. What length skirt do you like?
Ankle-length or a little higher.

3. What hair products do you use?
Shampoo, conditioner (often a split-ends specific conditioner), occasionally mousse, gel, and/or glitter.

4. What's the worst thing about guys?
Haven't yet found a keeper who wants to keep me.

5. What's the best thing about guys?
My best friend is one.

6. What makes you feel most girly-airhead?
Talking about traditional girl-gossip topics with a chickfriend or a gayboy.

7. Bra or no bra?
You mean my marvel of modern structural engineering? Yes.

8. Are you addicted to chocolate?

9. Do you and your friends actually have "slumber parties"?
Not anymore/yet.

10. Are you ticklish on your sides?
That's Darkside's job, to tickle me there.

11. Do you take advantage of being a girl to get free stuff?
You mean you can do that? ...I do admit, I take advantage of being a shegeek to get better service.

12. Are most men liars?

13. Have you been accused of being a slut?
Yep. They were jealous.

14. Do you like getting manicures?
Wouldn't know. Never had one.

15. Do you always shave your legs?
No fucking way.

16. Is it true that men are naturally better at math?
Suck my fucking cock.

17. What do you think of getting pregnant?
Ummm... will I have found a reliable partner before biological clock's batteries run out?

18. Who would you rather be, Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson?
Grace Hopper.

19. Do you always say "Awww" when you see a furry little animal or an infant?
My cats might eat furry little animals. Otherwise, I don't see what they're good for. And I'm not interested in kids until they're old enough to talk back.

20. As far as sports go: playing or cheering?
Over there, reading. Unless it's soccer, in which case count me goalie. Or fencing, or boffer-swords, or swimming. Or dancing.

21. Do you like getting all dressed up and pretty?
Who doesn't? But only when I want to.

22. Of all the questions in this survey which was the most girly?
Sleepovers. Definitely. And -- there was nothing about shopping! I was almost NOT outshopped by norabombay, I just got hungry, is all!

23. When do you feel most girly?
When showered, shaved, dressed spiffily, made up, and waiting for a Heisendate.

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