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CIT psych

swallowtayle and I were just wondering what would have happened to Mama if she'd been raised by different parents.

This was after I described Darkside as being like Mama's ideal son, grown up gamergeek.

One of the things that Mama said, a thing I'll always remember, when Mama and I discussed my sexual orientation: "I know I raised you girls to make up your own minds about stuff, but I didn't expect you to actually do it!" That's how it is with many parents, I suspect. It probably was that way with her own.

Her mother raised her. She raised us. I'm helping raise Little Fayoumis. V is actually much like Mama, I think. Mama never gave much away.

I want swallowtayle to meet Darkside, see what they do around each other. A test. Not of her, gods know. That ... would not be good, and was Shawn. But see what she thinks of him.

He thinks that what he does for me, did for me rescuing me, was no big deal.

Doors opening, moments to grab and twist and reclaim.

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