Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


It has begun.

We are computer geeks here, and we do stuff literally and precisely. I just edited the Little Fayoumis's homework for the first time.

things you do: color green
names of things: color blue
how things look: color red

Trouble: the word "fast".
In context, it is clear to an adult who can see the pattern that it is a "how things look" word. It was so very not clear to Little Fayoumis.

Black marker time. Cross out "how things look", write in "descriptive words". Refrain from calling homework designers "morons". Also refrain from explaining to Little Fayoumis about the action of fasting, even though the homework designers are morons and/or culturally unaware.

By the fourth grade or earlier, swallowtayle and I found that most of the stupid worksheets insulted our considerable intelligence. Hey, remember Professor Ben Around?

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