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Azure Jane Lunatic


searching for bits of orange shattered crystal to build a mythril jacket. Weaving a tower out of live snakes. The cocktail onions referred to in the French version of the spell are symbolic of the witches weaving the tower, their terrified faces at the huge snakes that they have to control. Darkside theorizing at lunch on the college of the witches' campus, with some of his classmates. Shrimpy steals the glory; I tell the true story.

The snakes are huge, and the telekinesis is a group effort to hold them up and knot them together. The tower of snakes blocks the stairs, and you have to work around it in order to get to the second level of the tower; the snakes will bite and have venom and lava and steam chambers inside their huge bodies. The head of one is T-rex sized, knotted together in a breathing, pulsing, slithering mass of sheer sourcery.

Calculating how to best do this work of art has to be done beforehand, with a clear map of the snake and his danger spots.

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